Run 38k for W4O Registration


What is Windows 4 Opportunity (W4O)?

The Windows 4 Opportunity project was founded by Recruit Refugees Ireland (that's us!) and is an umbrella campaign featuring a number of partners and supporters. It was set up in response to the needs of people living in direct provision centres who did not have access to a laptop. The aim of W4O is to get a laptop to each applicant in direct provision so that they can continue their studies, work, and connect with the wider world outside of direct provision. So far, W4O has distributed over 140 laptops with the help of donations and partners!

What is the 'Run 38k for W4O' fundraiser for?

This fundraiser is being carried out to raise money to help us continue providing laptops to people living in direct provision. Since COVID-19 began, the need for laptops has grown astronomically and we now have over 600 people on our waiting list. Many students living in Direct Provision can no longer access their studies or submit coursework. People are unable to access new courses, further education, employment opportunities, or simply connect to their families or the outside world and prepare for their future. These are essential functions that help to reduce the isolation of living in direct provision. We are committed to getting a laptop to every individual who has applied!

What will participants of the fundraiser do?

Once you register, you will receive an email with more information. Participants are encouraged to run/walk/skip/roller blade 38km throughout the month of June and receive sponsorship from their family and friends. You can set up your own fundraising platform such as GoFundMe and accept donations throughout the month as you progress towards the 38km goal. When you have finished raising money you can then transfer the funds to our own GoFundMe which you can find here.
Don't forget to send us pictures and tag us along the way!

Why 38km?

Believe it or not, this is not just to torture you!

38km is the goal for this fundraiser because there are 38 direct provision centres in Ireland and adults living in direct provision receive just €38.80 per week. This number highlights the difficulties those living in direct provision face every day and emphasises the urgency of our mission. We aim to get a laptop to each applicant to help them in any small way through the isolation and strife of living in these conditions. 

I am not in Ireland, can I still take part?

Of course! Everyone is welcome to join.

What happens with my donations?

Recruit Refugees Ireland trace all donations of both physical laptops and financial donations. The funds are held in the GoFundMe account until there is enough funding to bulk purchase laptops. Recruit Refugees Ireland 678109 are a registered company limited by Guarantee trading under International Community Dynamics. International Community Dynamics control the movement of all finances within the organisation. 100% of monies received goes towards the purchase of laptops for residents of Direct Provision.

My question wasn't answered here, who can I contact?

For any queries related to W4O and the Run 38k fundraiser, you can contact Kerry at