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Recruitment Service

With access to hundreds of applicants, we can help you find the perfect fit for your organisation. Our full recruitment service entails advertising your vacancy to our pool of applicants, on our jobs board and via our partner organisations. We shortlist the applications and screen candidates prior to sending you our final selection. Once approved, we will handle all interview arrangements and feedback. We understand that the face of recruitment in Ireland is changing and we're here to support you and your organisation every step of the way.

Post an Advert

If you want access to our talent pool yet don't require the full recruitment service, you can buy advert space and post your job ad directly to our jobs board by following this link.
We have 100's of job ready applicants and will share your job advert with our partner organisations, increasing your adverts reach to an even greater audience.

Talent Pool

Our candidates offer a variety of talent, experience and professional skills from various corners of the world. Bringing with them varying perspectives and insights, our candidates have applied themselves to additional development to prepare for the Irish jobs market. You can access our available candidates here and if you can't see what you're looking for, get in touch and we'll help to source the perfect for your organisation.

Improve your CSR

The future of recruitment is changing and Recruit Refugees Ireland wants to help you navigate the hiring process so your organisation can be a part of working towards a brighter, more inclusive Ireland for all. For our clients, the benefits of recruiting for cultural diversity are enormous and it’s not just us saying it. There is a wealth of research out there to show that when you recruit for diversity you can expect to see some growth!
Hiring a culturally diverse workforce means hiring diverse skills, talents and perspectives. Evidence shows that diverse work forces increase productivity, creativity and even customer service.

Find candidates, change lives and grow your business

We help you every step of the way

Latest Profiles

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John Lannon

CEO of Doras

Through our work at Doras we know how difficult it is for someone in direct provision to access training and education and to prepare for entry into the labour market. A laptop can make a huge difference to anyone struggling to overcome the barriers, and can provide a means for them to participate in a programme of study that would otherwise be impossible. We’re delighted therefore to be a partner with RRI on the Windows 4 Opportunity initiative, and to see the success of the programme to date.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are your candidates from?

Our candidates come from all over the world, bringing with them a wealth of perspective and experience. Many of our candidates are from South Africa, Congo, Pakistan, Syria, Georgia, the list is endless.

2. Are your candidates allowed to work in Ireland?

All our candidates are eligible to work in Ireland and we are happy to explain the legalities regards Rights to Work and what that means from your perspective.

3. Can your candidates travel for work purposes?

Refugees can travel everywhere, the only place they cannot travel to is the country they left for protection.

4. Do your candidates speak English?

The vast majority of our candidates are fluent in English oth verbally and written. A handful may require additional support with this and we connect those needing to improve their language skills to our partner organisations to enrol them on the appropriate course.

5. What if my employee faces deportation?

As soon as an asylum seekers becomes a person on deportation, he/she will lose the right to work immediately, because they have no more right to stay in Ireland. The landscape of migration and deportation in Ireland is a complex one and RRI are on hand to explain exactly what this may mean for both your employee and your organisation.

6. What are your recruitment fees?

Our recruitment fees vary depending on the individual organisational needs and length of contract. On average, we charge 7-14% of the employees gross annual salary but offer flexible recruitment options depending on the nature of your organisation.

7. I just want to post a job advert, can I do that?

Absolutely! You can buy advert space and we can share this with our partner organisations, our social media, and international protection applicant communities which gives you a huge potential reach. Job adverts are a basic €200 per advert and remain in place until the position is filled.

8. Do you offer flexible contract options?

Yes. We understand that for some candidates, a trial work period would be beneficial. We will support your HR and management team in advising on the best options for your role. If a candidate has the qualifications and experience from their home country, usually entering a relevant position in a lower level role is the best way to adapt to the same job but in Ireland. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss flexible contract options.

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